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Spooky Markets

Monday, October 31, 2022 at 2:52:08 p.m. UTC

October 31, 2022

Money Making Mondays

Top 3 – Things to Watch this week:

1. Russia will leave the black sea export deal. Ukraine exports done! World could lose 20 MMT of wheat exports. Not gone, but land locked.

2. Brazil has a new president. He is very left leaning.

3. It seems that there are some serious issue in China. Nobody really know but indicators imply there is a financial meltdown. It also seems as if they are moving back towards a more extreme communist style.

This week’s Action Item:

Make sure you have targets in.   January canola can easily hit $900/mt which would work out to about $21/bu at elevator.

I still think $13/bu HRS and $12 – 12.50 /bu CPS is a good value and you should have targets in.


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