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Money Making Mondays

Monday, November 7, 2022 at 3:25:55 p.m. UTC

Top 3 – Things to Watch this week:

1. USA mid term elections on Nov 8. Expect market to be risk off while elections are taking place.

2. Lethbridge barley and Corn are at the same price per metric tonne. This should put an upside limit to barley. Plus, domestic truck freight is hard to find.

3. Veg oil is strong. Demand from India and other South Asian countries is very strong plus excessive rain in key producing countries curbs output.

This week’s Action Item:

Make sure you have targets in.  These markets a very volatile.

Also, time to start looking at 2023 crops. I think when November 2023 canola hits 900 it would be a good time to consider a sale.


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