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Featured Commodity: Silver (Futures Fun Fridays)

Friday, May 13, 2022 at 2:28:35 p.m. UTC

Futures Fun Fridays

Featured Commodity: Silver

Technical aspects:  Silver is very close to one year lows. I think it is under performing in this commodity based environment. Plus I think US dollar is only strong because the rest of the world is weak. I think money will start to flow into silver and gold as people look for safety.

Is there Trade?:

  • Trade Idea: long silver futures

  • Enter trade into spreadsheet: YES

  • Overall Riskiness: Medium

  • Risk: Next support level is18

  • Reward: Major resistance is at 26

  • Duration: Medium. Exit before end of summer

  • Mechanics: long 10 Dec 22 (SIZ22) @ 21.04 @8.15 Am May 13-2022 SIZ22

  • Entry: 21.04

  • Exit profit: 26; Might consider exit at 23

  • Exit Loss: 18


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