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Canola Spread Trade EXIT -Futures Fun Fridays

Friday, June 3, 2022 at 5:14:05 p.m. UTC

Futures Fun Fridays

Featured Commodity: Canola Trade complete

Technical aspects: Exit  Canola Spread trade put one April 8

· At time of trade the spread was 124 at exit it was 84 for a gain of $40/mt

· Now is the time to exit because July is the front month and liquidity problems could happen at any time. Usually not wise to be doing spread trades on a front month.

· This trade made $40,000. In my opinion these spread trades are a no brainer because even though the market is very volatile a spread trade like this is a solid bet because it is essentially new crop vs old crop.


Link to spreadsheet.   We are up $73,700 since futures friday started.

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